BAB – Party & Get On Down (12″)


Label: Athens Of The North
Format: limited 12″
Cat: ATH12003
Released: 26 Jan 2017


One of the best mid-tempo disco raritys (and we mean rare) to come out the Deepfunk scene. When Keb Darge first played ‘Party & Get On Down’ in the early 2000s in Soho it put a few noses out of joint as it was such a departure from the deepfunk driving take no prisoner sound.

True to Keb’s Scottish stubbornness and like any real DJ he stuck to his guns and created a dance floor favourite (it’s beyond us how anyone could not love this!). Athens Of The North bring BAB to 12″ for the first time, not only that but its a nice little extended cut transferred direct from the master tapes. No brainier if you got class. Available now whist stocks last, this is already sold out at the label so once it’s gone it’s gone.

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Weight .25 kg

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