Moton Records Inc – Die Dominas / Moto-Vator (12″)


Cat: MTN35
Label: Moton Records
Format: limited clear 12″
Released: 07 Aug 2013


Label heads Diesel and Jarvis turn the usual Moton Records Inc sound on it’s head. The sleek disco has gone for a Burton and has been replaced with a lead track from the Krautrock genre from 1981… a little number by two gents called Karl Bartos and Ralf Hütter (from Kraftwerk), programmed, recorded and mixed By Manuel Göttsching!

The opener, ‘Die Dominas’ takes the B-side of the original release by dance music’s favourite German originators and makes it a bit franker and a bit less of a chugger. The vocals come in right away then subside, leaving you with just the insistent organ stabs. A third of the way through the German vocals kick back in and this becomes a Krautrock stomper that could well work on the more leftfield dancefloors.

That said it’s the B side that has us knocking and never more so than ‘Moto-Vator’ – an ace disco-funk number full of summer vibes, smooth vocals and tropical drums that encourages you strut your stuff. ‘After Sound’ is pretty out there. Like some mad Jazz from Tokyo; all organ stabs, throbbing chords and drum-rolls that are very cinematic in their style. Finally, ‘Skit 2’is a drum-anchored, warm wave of an ambient number. Way before it’s time, labels like Moodhut and Firecracker are still breaking stuff like this. Certainly one of the freshest EPs I have heard in a while.

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