Cottam – Cottam 5


Label: Cottam
Format: 12″
Released: 10 June 2016
Condition: Brand New Unplayed
What does this condition mean?


Long awaited return of the Cottam series. First up we have ‘mixing tool’, a heavy beat and percussion setting the dark & foreboding tone, the unease increasing like something is creeping up behind you until the distant war cries reveal themselves – a deep track that is much more than the title suggests. We are loving this afrobeat vibed killer.


Next up, the long awaited vinyl release for the Cottam re-wiring of a classic film title track, mixing the best elements of the originals synth score with a club ready beat and acid that adds to the original – this is one of the finest Carpenter reworks you’ll hear. Cottam builds the groove subtly as the track creeps into your subconscious…



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