Magou – Dreams (12″)

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Label: Toy Tonics
Format: Limited 12″
Cat: TOYT107
Released: 24 Apr 20


Really strong new release on Toy Tonics from a production guise shrouded in mystery. This 4 track killer comes from the very surreal world of Magou… But who is Magou??????
Reported to be a very well known producer in the contemporary disco scene, seemingly this project is so fresh it needed a fresh name.

Vibes wise it’s straight to the 1980ies… or is it the 90ies? Or maybe it’s a bit of both? One of the Toy Tonics buddies called it “Loopy dream house meets synth-heavy disco!” and I’d say that’s about right. The production is very familiar. It’s certainly got the funk. It’s like their alterego is on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t quite place it. I’m sure time will tell. But for now, like all things on Toy Tonics, it’s all about the music.

And in case you discover the name behind Magou… because u know his vibe… let Toy Tonics know… u might get a prize!
Highly sought after and increasingly hard to come by. Last 2 copies in stock.

A1 – Sample Dream
A2 – Clockwork Lemon
B1 – More More More
B2 – Heathers Body

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