Dan Shake – Bert’s Groove (12″)


Label: Sulta Selects Silver Service
Format: hand-stamped orange vinyl 12″ limited to 300 copies
Cat: SSSS4
Released: 25 Sep 19


Thumping disco house that will rock any decent dancefloor whilst sounding thunderous on the PA.

The fourth limited edition missive on Denis Sulta’s hyped Sultra Selects Silver Service series (try saying that while drunk) comes from Dan Shake, a producer whose blends of classic grooves and contemporary club nous rarely disappoint.

The orange vinyl record’s A-side, “Berts Groove”, is a rushing slab of rubbery disco-house brilliance – a filter-sporting loop jam that tools up a lesser-known disco cut and is guaranteed to put goofy grins on the faces of all those that hear it. Flipside “Daisy’s Dance” continues in a similar vein, with looped disco orchestration and filter trickery employed to create a series of build-and-release moments that are almost overwhelming in their positive intensity. In other words, Shake has served up two more peak-time anthems that will do the business every time they’re played.

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