William DeVaughn – Be Thankful For What You Got: 45th Anniversary Edition (12″)


Label: Roxbury US
Format: white vinyl 12″
Cat: DHJ00236P
Released: 21 Apr 18

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45 year anniversary of William DeVaughn’s smooth soul classic remastered and reissued for RSD on exclusive white vinyl.

“Diamond in the back / Sunroof top / Digging the scene with the gangster lean” – Does it get any smoother than that? Stick this record on and get lost in that effortless bassline, sensual guitar licks, coupled with DeVaughn’s silky vocals and you’ll be right there kicking back in the Cadillac. Oft sampled by the likes of NWA and De La Soul and covered multiple times, most notably on Massive Attack’s debut album.

On the B side you’re treated to ‘Blood Is Thicker Than Water’, DeVaughn’s first single giving a taste of the masterfully stylish soul he was to carry throughout his career.

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