Susu Bobien – Love Sensation (7″)


Label: Quantize
Format: 7″
Released: 19 Sep 18

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With the disco revival firmly set at full steam Quantize Recordings felt it was the right time to dig in & rework what is widely regarded as one of the biggest anthems from the disco era – Loleatta Holloway’s ‘Love Sensation’. Often imitated, & much sampled they had to be firmly on their game with this and boy did they hit it hard… now blessed with the talent of Susu Bobien on lead vocals (and the equally talented Tasha LaRae on BVs!) alongside a full horn section, Love Sensation is back once more and ready to do damage to a whole new generation of dance floors!

The much sought after accapella is also included on this release, the ONLY format you’ll ever be able to get this on!

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