Stretch and Bobbito + The M19s Band – No Requests (5×7″ Box Set)

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Label: Uprising Music US
Format: 5×7″ box set
Cat: SAB01BOX7 / F-SAB01
Released: 24 Apr 20


It’s been a while since I heard a piece of music that gave me natural rushes and made the hairs on my arms stand up…

The Mexican from Stretch and Bobbito + The M19s Band featuring Mireya Ramos just hit me like a brick – although I’m meant to be having some time off, I had to jump on and add this to the site straight away.

I think the world needs to hear music like this right now. It grabbed me instantly. And the video is cool and captivating. There’s obviously a deep political point underpinning the video – presumably about the boarder between Mexico and the US and what Raices describe as immigrants and refugees in detention.

The message is clearly about the people rising up which is always something that makes me sit up and take note. Plus there is some serious move busting going on.

Simply stunning! This is single handedly the most emotional piece of art I have seen in a long time.

Perhaps just as exciting as “The Mexican” is the thought that this is one part of a forthcoming 7 ” Box Set / LP / CD / Cassette from Stretch and Bobbito + The M19s Band. Due to be released physically on April 20th 2020, “No Requests” includes more classic covers – including “Voices Inside My Head”, “Could Heaven Ever Be Like This”, “Magnificent Dance”, “Que Se Sepa”, and “I Know You, I Live You”. Flick through the music videos below.

Press release:
Stretch and Bobbito’s debut album No Requests explores the legendary club DJs’ vast musical knowledge with covers of songs directly from their record crates! Featuring the M19s Band, a live band of elite hand-picked musicians, the gatekeepers of ‘90s Hip Hop step outside their foundational genre base to produce Latin, Afro-beat, Samba, Jazz, Reggae, and Soul reinterpretations of dance floor bangers—ranging from popular to rare and obscure—which loosely depart expected structure and create new nuances to familiar tunes. The group also offers original compositions along the sonic journey. All tracks have one goal in mind: GROOVE!

Track listing:
A. Anna From Woohside (Beat Suite) / B. Voices Inside My Head
A. Could Heaven Ever Be Like This / B. Festival Song (BAM BAM)
A. Magnificent Dance feat Rich Medina / B. Que Se Sepa feat Jose Parlá y Mireya Ramos
A. The Mexican Ft. Mireya Ramos / B. I Know You, I Live You
A. Stevie Wonder Interview/If You Really Love Me feat Maimouna Youssef / B. Baby I’m Scared Of You

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