Semi-Skimmed Edits – Volume 1 (12″)

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Label: Semi-Skimmed Edits
Format: limited 12″
Cat: SSE001
Released: 19 Jul 20


James Greenwood of Manchester DJ collective Supernature Disco launches his new vinyl only label, Semi-Skimmed Edits. A label dedicated to the traditional style of re-editing. Nothing added, just precision sliced disco for modern day dance floors. Edits for the underground.

Shazam laughs in the face of any lazy attempts to spot the original material used for Tryin’, throwing up numerous poor guesses that are way off the mark… A Gospel Disco monster that makes your chin jut out whilst you punch the air.

Dig a bit deeper and you may clock the source material of Flex. The clue is in the title of this rare Disco jam from 1979, which has previously been reworked by some House producers from France (that’s all I’m saying). This lean workout will have instant gravitas on dance floors when we are allowed back on them.

Get Down rounds off the EP with a sweet stretched out Afro Disco killer that originally came out of Ghana in 1979. This special promotional 12″ disc has previously been re-edited by one of the UK’s most prolific producers, but here it gets no unnecessary fat added as James stays true to the original once again creating a sure fire floor worker. Top marks all round!

Limited to 200 copies worldwide. Vinyl only. No repress!!!

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