Robert Hood – Minimal Nation (3xLP – White Vinyl + CD)

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Label: M-Plant US
Format: 3xLP + CD
Cat: MP.M1LP
Released: 23 Mar 19


Robert Hood’s Minimal Nation is justly revered as one of the most important and defining techno records ever made. His iconic 1994 masterpiece stripped dance music back to the barest of elements yet retained a loose and dirty funk that many so called ‘minimal’ records lack today.

Having inspired 1000’s of producers and DJs across the globe and starting a genre a decade before it was popularly recognized, nothing before or since has sounded like it. We now welcome a re-mastered Special Edition of this classic release 15 years after it changed the face of techno.

The version features the previously unreleased ‘SH-101’ (made during the same sessions) and the very rare ‘Self-Powered’ (which only appeared on the Axis test press). This triple vinyl album also includes the CD album!

An essential and seminal piece of electronic music out of Detroit. Currently listed for up to £60 on Discogs.

Triple Vinyl Tracklist
A1 – On Touch
A2 – Museum
B1 – SH.101
B2 – Rhythm Of Vision
C1 – Unix
C2 – Ride
D1 – Station Rider E
D2 – Self Powered
E – Sleep Cycle
F – Rhythm Of Vision (Original)

CD Tracklist
CD1-1 – One Touch
CD1-2 – Museum
CD1-3 – SH.101
CD1-4 – Rhythm Of Vision
CD1-5 – Unix
CD1-6 – Ride
CD1-7 – Station Rider E
CD1-8 – Self Powered
CD1-9 – Sleep Cycle
CD1-10 – Rhythm Of Vision (Original)

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