Mark Grusane – Space Mountain / 5th Dimension


Label: Sounds Familiar
Format: limited 7″
Cat: MG01
Released: 03 Mar 2016
Condition: Brand New Unplayed


A pioneer of underground disco and boogie, in his time running the legendary Mr. Peabody’s record shop in Chicago, Mark Grusane probably handled and heard every disco record that was ever produced in the USA. Knowledge he put to good use when compiling the Night Drive Vol.1 A Journey Into EP and the Real Sound Of Chicago LPs for BBE Records.

Delve a bit deeper into his history and his understated love of digging for and cutting modern soul bangers onto vinyl becomes ever more self-evident. Over the last 10 years Mark has released tracks on Canadian disco re-edit labels Truth Is Light and Spacedust , put out 3 EPs on CG Records Inc, and a deep houser on Amsterdam’s Rush Hour. Here we have his 2016 offering for Italy’s Sounds Familiar Label. On the A Space Mountain is a trippy ride into electrodiscofunk, whilst on the flip 5th Dimension shows his darker side pushing the electro/new wave envelope and even providing vocals. Once again a Sounds Familiar winner and another demonstration of Mark’s rich musical palette.






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