Levon Vincent – Birds (12″)

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A-side “Birds” is superb, making Vincent's latest Novel Sound 12″ an essential purchase. Check the flipside for his take on Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells.

Label: Novel Sound US
Format: 12″
Cat: NS14
Released: 24 Aug 2016


There’s been much online chatter about Levon Vincent’s latest 12″. Sadly, it’s not been about A-side “Birds” – a thrillingly ragged, aggressive and powerful acid thumper that’s up there with the producer’s most potent work – but rather what’s lurking on the flip. As the title suggests, “Tubular Bells” is a cover of Mike Oldfield’s most famous work, whose twinkling melody remains one of the most famous and well known in popular music. Vincent retains that melody line, looping it up and tweaking it out over a typically rubbery and fuzzy 4/4 house groove. Some will love it, others won’t; either way, A-side “Birds” is superb, making Vincent’s latest Novel Sound 12″ an essential purchase.

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