Krystal Davis – So Smooth (inc Kon & Yam Who remixes) (12″)


Label: Glitterbox
Format: 12″
Cat: GLITS017
Released: 28 May 18 / Repressed: 03 Apr 20


Coming in strong with an update on another classic track, Glitterbox Recordings presents Krystal Davis ‘So Smooth’ featuring remixes from Kon and Yam Who? alongside the original and an instrumental. One of the last in a rare breed of dedicated crate-diggers, Kon’s vast knowledge of the heavily swung rhythms of classic disco make him a reverent remixer for this mid-tempo Krystal Davis disco hit, originally released in 1985 on New York label Urban Rock Records Inc. His version amps up the pace, tailoring the record for any discerning contemporary disco set. Midnight Riot Records head Yam Who? goes blissed out with the synths for an irresistible mix that’s smoother than smooth.

A much needed repress considering copies of the first pressing were being listed for sale in the region of £175 on Discogs!

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