Jongno Edits – Drifter (7″)


Label: Kat45
Format: 7″
Cat: KAT45008
Released: 22 Jun 17


Jongno Edits is an homage to the golden age of K-pop, those rarely heard but always loved strains of psych- rock, funk, disco and boogie from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s. Our mystery editors spent countless hours getting their hands dusty in the record shops and flea markets of Seoul’s Jongno-Gu, in order to dig out the ultra-rare gems from the ‘Land of the Morning Calm’.

These tracks have been put together especially for KAT45 and the 7” format in mind: short and steady edits of soul and psych-rock… No effects or crazy filtering, but fine layering and editing of really hard to find Korean classics that stays true to the originals.

Copied from researches on internet:

Jongno Edits – Drifter (Key Brothers)
South Korean psychedelic rock masterpiece, heavy drums all the way around. In 1971, the korean group Key Boys split up and it’s members either went solo or joined/formed groups like He6, Guys & Dolls, and the Key Brothers. This track (A Drifter’s Life,) is from the Key Brothers second album, which was released in 1972 and features two fantastic originals, one of them penned by the korean rock god Shin Jung-Hyun, and a sick 12 minute cover of Evil Ways.

Jongno Edits – Dark Alley (Jung Sung Jo – Dark alley)
Jung Sung-jo began his career as music director in film with “It Rained Yesterday” (1975) by director Lee Jang-ho, and left music to work on about 50 film scores including “Winter Woman”, “Lee Jang-ho’s” “Baseball Team” and “My Bride My Love”.

He organized a band called ‘Jung Sung-jo and Messengers’ with Cho Kyeong-su and Choi Byung-geol in the 1970s, and introduced jazz sounds into film music, playing the saxophone and flute.

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