Jean-Marie Bolangassa – Brazzaville Percussions EP


Label: Sofrito Super Singles
Format: limited 12″
Cat: SSS011
Released: 29 May 2015
Condition: Brand New Unplayed
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The ever-mutating twists and turns in Bolangassa’s musical history continues. From his early ’80s involvement in Congolese National Ballet in Paris to the roles (and instruments) he’s played on various afro disco records to this new chapter. A wholly tribal affair that takes right back to his Congolese roots. Concentrated percussion where the drums sing for themselves, each of these three cuts are Shamanic in their arrangement, drive and insistency. “Disna Ngai” is the most tribal and ceremonial of the three as many hands make the rhythm work, “Rikikida” is a much slower, more rounded dynamic while “La Vie” is the peak of physical coercion as the pounding staccato hypnotises with a loopy vibrancy that most techno producers would dream of. Eye opening.



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