Louie Vega – Elements of Life: Part 1 (2×12″)


Label: Vega
Format: 2xLP
Cat: VR192
Released: 10 Jul 20


What happens when a house-music icon takes a talented group of musicians and mixes it with a savory blend of jazz, funk, dance, and soul music? You get a hearty serving of Elements Of Life. Elements Of Life Aka E.O.L., led by musical director and conductor Louie Vega, is a live-band project, which over its tenure has released three albums, won a Grammy award in 2006 for Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical (Curtis Mayfield, “Superfly Louie Vega EOL Mix”), composed & performed the song “One Dream” for a globally-televised audience of 145 million viewers during the 2007 Superbowl pre-game show.

“I formed the band Elements Of Life to bring together a special group of musicians to create musical journeys in the studio and perform them live. The music inspired by groups and artists like War, Cymande, Stevie Wonder, Johnny Hammond, and Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters, but with the Vega Family E.O.L. twist and unique style. I want to take this band and perform in festivals and venues worldwide and bring you future grooves on recorded albums with a tinge of the musical landscape from our rich past, and yes there will be experimentation—get ready for it. You never know just who will show up to play in the finale!”

Elements Of Life by Elements Of Life Album was the first ever released full length back in 2003 and is now being re-released with several additional new and unreleased versions.

A1. Elements Of Life Featuring Blaze
A2. Mon Amour Featuring Anané
B1. Cerca De Mi (Nico Mix) Featuring Raul Midon
B2. A Better Day Featuring Raul Midon
C1. Love Will Know (Original Demo Version) Featuring Lisa Fischer
C2. Jouney’s Prelude / Jungle Fever Featuring Ursula Rucker & Anané
D1. Africa / Brasil
D2. Ma Mi Mama Featuring Anané

Elements Of Life Live Band
Conductor / Musical Director: Louie Vega
Lead Vocal/Wurlitzer : Josh Milan
Lead Vocal & Backgrounds: Anané Vega
Keyboards : Axel Tosca
Electric Bass: Gene Perez
Drums / Timbales: Luisito Quintero
Congas / Percussion: Roberto Quintero
Supporting & Background Singers: Dawn Tallman, Ramona Dunlap

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