Dinosaur L / Hanson and Davis – Go Bang! / I’ll Take You On (Danny Krivit Edits of Walter Gibbons and Larry Levan Remix) (12″)


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Label: Sleeping Bag
Format: 12″
Released: 29 Jul 20
Media Condition: Mint (M)
Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)


A special double header of 2 very very dope Danny Krivit edits from then Sleeping Bag / Fresh Records vaults.

Dinosaur L’s immense ‘Go Bang’ takes up the A-side, with Mr.K tweaking the classic Walter Gibbons version into new sonic realms. Thoroughly minimal and spaced out in all the best ways and with a tense build-up, ‘Go Bang’ winds and winds until it feels like it’s going to break! A brilliant reworking of a stone-cold classic that brings a fresh style to the familiar. On side B we are treated to a killer downtempo drum machine laden boogie-rap jam, namely the stellar Larry Levan mix of Hanson & Davis’ ‘I’ll Take You On’ from ’86. Some primetime Garage sounds right here. A deep soulful cut that kicks and slams in all the right places, and is of course, touched up the right way by Danny’s deft editing. Essential business right here, for real music lovers and dancers alike!

Remastered, re-edited and re-presented to you for 2020, courtesy of Danny Krivit, Sleeping Bag / Fresh Records. 100% legit!

A Dinosaur L – Go Bang (Danny Krivit Edit Of Walter Gibbons Remix)
B Hanson & Davis – I’ll Take You On (Danny Krivit Edit Of Larry Levan Remix)

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