Demi Riquísimo / Manuel Darquart / Baby Rollen / Beraber – SEMID006 (12″)

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Label: Semi Delicious
Format: limited edition hand-stamped 12″
Cat: SEMID006
Released: 07 Oct 20


Demi Riquísimo’s burgeoning label Semi Delicious returns for its 6th instalment. Another fine selection of tracks from various artists selected by the busy DJ, producer and curator. Having toured with Artwork, and garnered attested support from the likes of Eats Everything, Skream, Detroit Swindle, Moxie and Optimo, Semi Delicious proves again that its not slowing down.

Kicking things off in his typical finesse, the label boss Demi delivers ‘Judy’, a rolling, nostalgia trip that treads the line between authentic Moroder style disco and 90’s acid house. His pronounced use of retro sounding synths for his stunning swelling pads contrast the driving arpeggios that anchor the track. Splashy, sampled disco breaks offer up unparalleled groove while the track progresses through passages of bold synth leads and harmonious chordal breakdowns.

Manuel Darquart eases us into the A2, the Kiwi born, UK based Duo showcase their raw, stripped back club sounds. Driving, subterranean bass growls oscillate under suspended pad drones while splashy hi-hats open up with his warm, humming drum-machines driving the track throughout with a crunchy, inviting tone.

The continuing sense of nostalgia builds through 006 with ‘Deep Asleep’. The Holding Hands records regular showcases the distinctive sound he’s coming to be known for. Speeding things up, Baby Rollén asserts himself with thick, rolling 808 drums and diced up breakbeats. A wobbly, bouncing acid line takes centre stage along with seductive breath like vocals and subdued synth pads throughout the breakdowns.

Sealing the deal, Beraber, the Red Light radio regular from the Netherlands delivers ‘Maybe Tomorrow’. An airy Italo-house groove with plenty of swing. Distinctive, modulating synth leads float over a blend of Roland percussion sounds, soft synth pads and superb touches of incredibly funky bass.

Review: A tremendous EP from Demi Riquísimo and his mates. In a world that is dominated by disease, dictatorship, and a 1000 too many disco edits this comes as a breathe of fresh air. Semi Delicious? This is downright tasty. Vinyl only too.

A1 – Demi Riquísimo – Judy
A2 – Manuel Darquart – Better Days
B1 – Baby Rollen – Deep Asleep
B2 – Beraber – Maybe Tomorrow

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