Chevals – Crawling Souls (12″)


Label: Editorial
Format: 12″
Cat: ED025
Released: 13 Feb 19

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Editorial venture to France for ED025 with four expertly edited, blissful gems from Parisian producer, Chevals.

The A side hits with two hazy cuts of sun drenched disco house. ‘Left Behind’ swells with filtered tales of lost love radiating a bittersweet warmth. Rich bass melodies and clipped funk guitars shine through as thoughts drift away across glistening seas. ‘Eye Of Love’ is served up next, equally as impassioned with buzzing synths, basking Spanish guitars and joy-filled chords and congas give a sense of desert islands where day-to-day life is only a figment of the imagination.

Flip it over and ‘The Line’ hits with a pumped up, soulful bassline that solos and sidewinds with brazen hats as its accomplice. Squelching keys and deft Rhodes touches add luscious harmonies to leave listeners lulled by its masterful flow.

Last up, ‘Time’ takes a pensive, eyes closed trip – delicate vocals, summery synth lines and glimmering samples washing away the worries as they wander over the airwaves.

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