Bitter End – Thelma Hous / Leave Me This (12″)

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Label: Bitter End
Format: 12″
Cat: GALL009
Released: 23 May 19


One Thelma it seems, is never enough… what ever your persuasion, you need this!

Following the rousing response to GALL008, Bitter End return like a Nadal serve with two more interpretations from their private stock

‘Kneel B4 Thelma’ spoiled us with an utterly futuristic cyborg-Soul anthem… This kills it on a sound system, absolute fire!

‘Thelma Hous’ takes her down an altogether more dimly lit back alley to gain entrance to a clandestine gathering, a door rattling throb greats us upon entry, then a kaleidoscopic Disco Ball and laser combo explodes with ‘Leave Me This’ on the flip. A raucous and scantily clad energy blast of a timeless piece of Disco history

This one’s frighteningly limited folks – so let us sell ya some Thelma, pronto !

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