Beppe Loda – Obscure Italian Disco: Beppe Loda Cuts (12″)


Italian disco sounds ('78-'79) edited by DJ Beppe Loda (resident DJ at Typhoon).

Cat: LK06
Label: Local Kaffee
Format: 12″ limited repress
Released: 24 Apr 2016

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There are DJs. There are DJs’ DJs. Then there’s Beppe Loda, an Italian selector/collector and all-round cosmic evangelist who’s been active since the early ’70s and has a collection and knowledge that’s so vast to truly appreciate it is like staring to into space and realising just how small you actually are. Building on his previous Obscure Cuts series, here Beppe digs deep for four Italian disco rarities that only the most serious and savvy collector will have in their collection. Rather than focusing on Italo, he’s gone back to the roots with four straight-up disco gems. From Julie Wilde’s cloud-surfing harmonies on “Love Tunnel” to the stunning cosmic boogie of “You Know The Way” by way of the star-gazing synths, planet-smashing guitars and slap-bass of “Revange”, Beppe has curated something truly unique right here.

It seems the Discogs police have got onto this and stopped sellers listing it for sale on their marketplace, which is fine with us.

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