Al Kent – The Men In The Glass Booth CD (Ground Breaking Re-Edits And Remixes By The Disco Era’s Most Influential DJs) (3xCD, Comp)

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“In May 1976 a record was released that would have an unforeseen and lasting impact on the music industry “Ten Percent” by Double Exposure was an early release on the New York independent label Salsoul Records. America was in the grip of a disco explosion with new clubs opening on a weekly basis; Salsoul saw what was happening and swiftly created a sound for their label, heavily influenced by the music then coming out of Philadelphia, aimed directly at New York’s dance-floors. Records like “Salsoul Hustle,” “Tangerine” and “You’re Just The Right Size” by The Salsoul Orchestra borrowed heavily from the beautifully orchestrated Philadelphia International Records but added a more percussive, bass heavy depth that New York’s DJs loved.

So what was so special about this particular single then? Double Exposure was, after all, just another band, “Ten Percent” just another song; one of many “disco” records released that week. First of all Salsoul became the first record label to make a twelve inch single available to Joe Public – the exotic format was previously only available to DJs as promotional items or bought under the counter at certain record stores. Not only that though, the extended version was created by Walter Gibbons, a DJ at New York’s Galaxy 21 who’d built his reputation making exclusive versions of tracks to play in his sets.

In 1976 it was unheard of for a DJ to set foot in a recording studio, being seen as little more than living jukeboxes by the serious music industry. Recording studios were strictly the domain of recording artists and producers so Walter found himself in a unique position, gaining access to a world no DJ had been granted before.

Or so we thought…

The Men In The Glass Booth compiled by Al Kent tells the full story. Featuring ground breaking re-edits and remixes by some of the Disco era’s most influential DJs including Walter Gibbons, Bobby DJ Guttadaro, Tom Savarese, Jellybean Benitez, Tee Scott and John Luongo, this opulent release also includes a 40 page booklet which features exclusive photos and insights from some of the story’s key figures.” BBE Music 2017

CD 1
1 – Leon Collins – I Just Wanna Say I Love You (John Luongo Remix) (3:57)
2 – Marboo – What About Love (Tony Gioe Remix) (4:50)
3 – Double Exposure – Ten Per Cent (Walter Gibbons Sunshine Sound Acetate Edit) (4:20)
4 – Juggy Murray Jones – Inside America (Rick Gianatos Disco Queen Acetate Edit) (5:56)
5 – Hot Ice – Dancing Free (John Luongo Remix) (9:02)
6 – The Sunshine Band – Black Water Gold (Sunshine Sound Acetate Edit) (4:00) 2
7 – The Salsoul Orchestra – Magic Bird Of Fire (Francois Kevorkian Sunshine Sound Acetate Edit) (6:37)
8 – The Salsoul Orchestra – It’s Good For The Soul (Jay Negron Sunshine Sound Acetate Edit) (04:16)
9 – Double Exposure – My Love Is Free (Walter Gibbons Disco Madness Remix) (4:54)
10 – Fay Hauser – Reaching Out For Happiness (Jonathan Fearing Remix) (7:24)
11 – Ripple – The Beat Goes On And On (Jim Burgess Remix) (6:58)

CD 2
1 – Love Symphony Orchestra – Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Tom Savarese Remix) (12:43)
2 – Tony Valor Sound Orchestra – Love Has Come My Way (Jim Burgess Remix) (6:49)
3 – Ruby Andrews – I Wanna Be Near You (John Morales Sunshine Sound Acetate Edit) (5:26)
4 – TC James and The Fist O Funk Orchestra – I’ve Been Looking For Somebody (Walter Gibbons Remix) (6:44)
5 – Lake Shore Drive – The Disco Scene (Rick Gianatos Remix) (5:38)
6 – TC James and The Fist O Funk Orchestra – Bumpsie’s Whipping Cream (Tom Savarese Remix) (6:14)
7 – Skip Mahoney – Janice (Don’t Be So Blind To Love) (Bobby DJ Guttadaro Remix) (6:56)
8 – The Salsoul Orchestra – My Number’s Up (Tee Scott Remix) (7:26)
9 – The Skyliners – The Love Bug (Done Bit Me Again) (David Todd Remix) (5:16)
10 – Aura – L.A. Sunshine (Robert Ouimet Remix) (7:02)

1 – Sparkle Tuhran & Friends – Handsome Man (Bobby DJ Guttadaro Remix) (5:48)
2 – First Choice – Love Thang (Tee Scott Remix) (7:56)
3 – Kay-Gee’s – Burn Me Up (Jellybean Benitez Edit) (7:49)
4 – Brooklyn Express – Love Is The Message (Tee Scott Remix) (9:15)
5 – Chain Reaction – Changes (Jellybean Benitez Remix) (7:46)
6 – John Gibbs And The Jam Band – J’Ouvert (Frank Sestito Remix) (5:21)
7 – Bunny Sigler – By The Way You Dance (I Knew It Was You) (Bobby DJ Guttadaro Remix) (9:15)
8 – The Salsoul Orchestra – It’s Good For The Soul (Walter Gibbons Disco Madness Version) (7:05)
9 – Gladys Knight & The Pips – It’s A Better Than Good Time (Walter Gibbons Remix) (12:03)

Check out the full versions of all 30 tracks via this private listening link:

Also available – limited edition Vinyl Box Part A (5 x LP) and Vinyl Box Part B (5 x LP).

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