100% Pure Poison – Coming Right At You LP


Label: Soul Brother
Format: LP
Released: 08 May 01

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With vocal interplay recalling the Temptations work with Norman Whitfield and a jazzy instrumental sophistication equal to the Blackbyrds, 100% Pure Poison certainly deserve the notoriety that their lone recording has garnered them.

As a group of American servicemen stationed in Germany in the 70s, it’s amazing that the album was recorded at all. Leaving their base using a forged pass, the nine-piece group turned up at a music industry conference looking for a recording deal, and proving that the higher the risk involved, the greater the payoff, they got one with British EMI.

Although Coming Right at You was largely overlooked at the time of its release in 1974, it never really faded away, consistently being revived and heralded as much for its rarity as its quality. Guitarist and group leader Danny Leakereturned home to Chicago, where he has worked as an engineer and producer with a wide array of artists, including Stevie Wonder and Janet Jackson. 

Coming Right at You is finally available again via a much needed reissued by U.K. label Soul Brother. We have a very limited amount of sealed copies up for grabs.

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