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Paul Gonsalves Quartet – Boom Jackie Boom Chic LP

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Label: Spellbound Japan
Format: LP
Cat: SPELL4004LP
Released: 19 Apr 17

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Spellbound Music present a reissue of Paul Gonsalves Quartet’s Boom-Jackie-Boom-Chick from 1964. Led by the great tenor saxophonist and long-time member of the Duke Ellington Orchestra, Paul Gonsalves who nails it as a saxophone player with his backing crew – consisting of piano, stand-up bass, and drums.

Gonsalves and his guys take their listener on a journey due to very expressive and strong melodies. This is a truly seminal moment where swing benignly turns into bop. The new and often more radical streams within the genre oppressed this development but Boom-Jackie-Boom-Chick (whose title was inspired by the name of Mr. Gonsalves’s regular heroin dealer) became an underground classic for those who like to dig deeper into a genre to discover the real treasures.

Earlier in the year I witnessed an original 1964 copy being sold at an auction for in excess of £800. The only one for sale on Sharkbay is listed for £3,363.03! Meanwhile NM- copies of the 2006 reissue are listed for £88 and previously have sold for up to £100. This is a serious money record.

So we are stoked to be able to offer this jazz classic at an affordable price. We got the last ones available and only have a few remaining…

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